Villa La Terrazza

Via Luigi de Maio 38
80067 Sorrento (NA)

Villa La Terrazza is an unique noble Palace standing on the cliff of Sorrento overlooking the bay of Naples, the Vesuvius volcano and the Sorrentine coast line, located in the main centre of town.
The property is a 4 stars suites complex that offers a private and intimate guest experience ensuring well-deserved time out to recharge and relax.
This ancient House is comprised from several fascinating suites, directly facing the blue waters of Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by private terraces and balconies adorned with palms, bouganvillea and wisteria pergola. An intimate pool above the sea provides a perfect set to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and our spectacular natural environment The Villa cascades down a cliff where stone stairs lead down to the beach and to the pier of Marina Piccola for exclusive boat tours to the gems of Capri, Positano and  Amalfi.

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